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Alante is a Czech company representing only buyers of real estate. We are forming a new market segment aiming to build greater confidence in the real estate market that has been so far under the rule of real estate agents and developers. We are a partner for the entire real estate purchase process. As it is common in many developed countries, we also want the buyers have a strong position as the sellers do. Remuneration for our services is dependent on the success and money saving of our client – a buyer..

Our client’s interests – the buyer – are defended from the very beginning when selecting the property to the signing of the purchase agreement. We will help you to buy the right property so that the whole process will take place smoothly and under the best possible conditions.


Ing. Jindřich Rovný

Ing. Jindřich Rovný

Jindřich Rovný has been focused on investments and real estates since his studies. After graduating from a university that he finished with the thesis „Analysis of localities“ he started to work as a marketing specialist in the largest real estate agency in Prague. Since 2004, he was working for one of the largest trader in the Czech Republic, where he held gradually various functions in the investment management. He worked there until 2012 as a portfolio manager and later as a member of the Investment Committee and head of the portfolio management. Then he left this job, as he desired to start his own company, where he could apply his experience and knowledge of the world of financial and real estate investments.

His hobbies include biking, skiing and travelling.

Ing. Marek Šperlich

Ing. Marek Šperlich

After graduating from the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), Marek Šperlich started to work as a consultant for a securities trader in 2003. He became a holder of a brokerage license within a short time and traded on the major world stock exchanges. His desire to serve clients more comprehensively in the field of investments brought him to a position of private banker. He gradually came through several major banking institutions (HSBC, Volksbank, UniCredit) helping his clients to realize both real estate and financial transactions.

Mark is married, has two children and his interests include family, football and travelling.

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