Purchase of a housing

We will save your time, money and protect from risks

Anyone who has bought the property yet knows that passing successfully through the entire process is no easy going. For most people, it is an investment of life, into which they give all their savings or incur debts for years. At the same time, they meet professionals trained in trading that are trying to sell the property throughout the selection and realization of this transaction. Therefore, a buyer making his first transaction is at a large trading disadvantage. In addition, he has to ensure everything is running properly from the legal, technical and financial point of view. Those who want to save their time, money, stress, and especially to avoid risks, may use our service of representing buyers.

How can we help?

Initial meeting and check of real estate

Are you looking for a property?
At the initial meeting, we discuss your ideas about housing. After analysing of your needs and the current market situation, we will recommend you a suitable location, category, type and other characteristics of a flat or a house depending on your price range. If you want, we can actively search a real estate for you according to agreed parameters and send you the selected real estates via email.

Have you already selected a real estate?
Whether you have selected one or more real estates, we will check the flat or the house. We will visit the property together with you or we can visit it alone based on the power of attorney. We will assess the selected location, so you will find out whether it will meet your expectations of happy living.

Technical inspection of the real estate

Our experienced civil engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of the real estate no matter if it is newly built or older. They will check every detail of the flat or the house. You will get a clear idea about the qualities of your future housing. You will obtain a report, in which any defect found will be stated with an indication of their severity, including photo documentation. At the same time, the passport of the property will indicate financial statement of costs of the found defects elimination and their overall evaluation.

Legal Service

At first, the lawyers with a focus on real estate law will check the possible legal defects of the real estate, which could complicate the transaction. Then they will check all documentation on the real estate including the statutes of unit owners‘ association or statutes of residential cooperative. They will comment contracts (reservation contract, letter of intent on purchase, purchase contract, pledge contract, etc.). Alternatively, they will develop new documents. All the time, we meet the client with the participation of the lawyer to deal with contractual terms and conditions. The entire transaction is secured also by notarial or lawyer custody; we never send money to the account of the seller or the real estate agency.

Negotiation of discount and other terms and conditions

We will negotiate the best conditions of purchase. With our rich experience in the real estate market and long experience in the negotiation, we are able to negotiate the maximum discount on the brokerage of a seller or a real estate broker. You do not have to participate in meetings with sellers or brokers.

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